Dr. Roy Holub

Dr Roy Holub smilingFor many years, I enjoyed spending time at my grandparents' summer home along the Fox River in Illinois. This is where I first realized how important nature and natural environments were to me. Over time, I also observed the deterioration of river quality and the concurrent change in aquatic life. These experiences set the stage for a career with a major focus on protecting and improving the quality of our water resources and for my support of conservation organizations.

My interest in unspoiled places was reinforced by vacation trips with my parents to visit the vast array of natural treasures and landscapes throughout our country. As soon as I learned of The Wilderness Society and its mission of preserving wild areas, I became a life member. Taking a scientific approach to environmental issues, TWS was the first conservation organization I joined and continues to be the one that I feel best represents my interest in wilderness preservation.

My love of mountains and the Northwest has led me to have a special interest in the wilderness areas located in the Cascades, especially Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Stephen Mather and Mt. Rainier. Other favorites are the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana and the Mt. Wrightson Wilderness in Arizona.

I feel very grateful for those individuals with the awareness and foresight to work to protect and preserve all of these special places. The founders of The Wilderness Society, those who continue their work and the many individuals and other organizations that support the preservation of our natural resources and ecosystems deserve the gratitude, not only of us, but of all future generations. It seems very appropriate to include The Wilderness Society in my estate planning and to know that this bequest will support the organization's ongoing efforts to sustain the quality of our environment and the preservation of wilderness areas. I feel this is one way that I can honor all those of kindred spirit whose wisdom and effort have allowed so many to enjoy the wonders of our natural heritage.